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Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales, committed to becoming a comprehensive supplier of circuit protection components.

We introduced advanced quality system,management systems and high-precision automation equipment from Germany, set up multiple production bases and continue to increase product lines. Our team consist of experienced engineers, passionate business elites, and regularly trained skilled workers, which provides a solid foundation for quality assurance and productivity performance. Moreover, our products have passed safety certifications of many countries and are favored by many consumers by years’ unremitting efforts.

We cooperated with universities and colleges, and will continue to research and develop new products , committed to high-quality circuit protection solutions, and provide global customers with efficient technology, products, and testing support to meet their requirements for rapid development of new products. We are gradually updating from "Made In China" to "Created In China" and to "Intelligent Manufacturing In China", from circuit design to product testing, we will provide you with one-stop service in the field of circuit protection.After years of intensive cultivation, we have maintained a good relationship with our peers and have become distributor of many famous electronic component brands to meet the diverse needs of customers.


The main products include: Thermistors, Varistors, Temperature Sensors, Fuses and corresponding Hardware and Plastic accessories, Inductors, Thermal Protector, Overload/Composite Protectors, Discharge Tubes, Photoresistors and Wiring Harnesses etc. Through the combination of different process devices,Ampfort Electronics can meet customers' individual circuit protection requirements. Our products are widely used in: power adapters, switching power supplies, chargers, transformers, computers, telephones, household appliances, communication products, lighting products, toy products, various instruments and various electronic cables, electrical products, IT, Consumer electronics, automobiles, batteries and other fields.


Choose us, Ampfort will be your loyal and reliable partner for protection circuit products!


Philosophy Survive with integrity and service, and develop with quality and innovation.

Goal Standardization Systemization Internationalization Leading leader in the same industry


Serve customers and develop enterprises

Benefit the employees and return to the society


Mission Dare to compete, be good at competition, win the competition

Vision I hope to be full of ambition today, and hope that the Ming Dynasty will be fruitful.

Message Innovate,forge ahead and hold hands, harvest brilliance and share together.